Atok is a Bull Beastman, possibly the largest member of the crew of the Lady Whippington. Standing at an even Eight and a half feet tall, Atok is nothing so much as a big pile of fur and muscle. He’s missing his right horn, a result of a debt he owed to a gang leader in Florence.

He has a circular brass ring piercing his septum, and his body bears a number of scars from numerous battles. He never wears a shirt, living entirely in striped clamdigging pants and no shoes.

In Battle, he carries a five and a half foot tall ship’s anchor on a chain that he drapes around his chest.

Despite being one of the most intimidating members of the crew to look at, Atok is actually a pretty nice guy. that being said, he’s very effective at getting lazy sailors to do their work in an expedient fashion.


Victoriana Kungfu_Ramone