Beauregard Vontavius Sambora


Little is known about Beau Sambora’s early life, save for the fact that he studied theology at Notre Dame when a young man.


Mr. Sambora is a High Plains Redeemer, which is somewhat a cross ‘twixt a cowboy and a preist. The American branch of the Aluminat Church utilizes Redeemers as a sort of traveling force in the west, going from reservation to boomtown as they are needed. See the High Plains Redeemer page for more details.


Beauregard was in England as a transcontinental exchange of resources: Simply put, the English Aluminat needed a man experienced in exorcism, and Beau just so happened to be in the right place at the right time ( or as he would rather say, wrong place at a horrible time ). while in Britain, he fell in with a group of miscreants in order to aide a Bolshevik retrieve his daughter from a mad Eladrin of the Casselwoode family.


After taking place in the bombing of London Harbor ( See entry for The Night of Ashed Rain ), Beau found himself not only an outlaw, but even farther from home than he had been. During his boat trip to Bombay, India, the ship that he and his companions were on was attacked by the infamous sky pirate, “Diamond” Stanislaus Gravelhauser. Joining forces with a fellow American, noted renegade inventor Tennessee Louis Ballantyne, Beau was successful in grounding the powerful airship. After a protracted battle, Beau and his fellow companions found themselves in possession of a crippled Airship.


Soon, a conglomeration of captains was formed. They were Beau, Tennessee Ballantyne, British Eladrin vagabond Anton Jurgen Bowie, and the renowned ghost hunter Dr. Thaddius Jones.

Beauregard Vontavius Sambora

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