Gravelhauser Family

“Emperor” Liam Gravelhauser – The main patriarch of the Gravelhauser clan. At one point ran Bandit Keep Island, and received tribute from most of the sea pirates in the Atlantic. Killed in 1825 by his treacherous first mate, Vikram Ray. Before his death, Liam deposited his savings in the eastern mountains of Bandit Keep Island, then drew up the only copy of the map on a piece of parchment. He then split it among his three sons in his will.

Mrs. Gravelhauser – Originally from Siam, Liam’s one love and the mother of his three children.

“Diamond” Stanislaus Gravelhauser – Liam’s first boy, captained a seafaring pirate vessel called the Borkum Riff, which he later converted into his feared airship, Neptune’s Smile. Killed in 18__ by the crew of a transport ship, who then took his vessel over after shooting it down from the sky. Noted for his gold teeth inset with diamonds, which legend says were worth roughly 100 pounds apiece.

Khan Gravelhauser – Liam’s second child, became a land bandit in the hills of Mongolia. Noted for being somewhat honorable and for wearing nearly an entire white Bengal Tiger for clothing, Khan and most of his men were slaughtered by the crew of his brother’s rechristened ship, The Lady Whippington, as they searched for the fragments of Liam’s map.

Hattori Gravelhauser – Liam’s third son, widely regarded as an engineering genius. It was he that invented Stanislaus’ boat-to-air conversion at 17, and a mere two years later he created his ship, the submariner vessel the Usurper’s Saber. Noted for taking out piracy only upon political opponents, which was nearly everyone as he was an avowed Anarchist.

Gravelhauser Family

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