Horace Robert Eaglestone, Jr.


Horace is a Deer Beastman, a 13-point Buck to be specific. He generally only wears tough canvas pants and strap boots, with a vest over his bare upper body. He’s missing his left eye, and is almost never seen without his straight cougar-bone pipe, out of which he burns sweet-smelling Irish tobaccos.

In combat he usually wields a nasty-looking club made from warped, knotted wood. It’s business end is a darker brown than the rest, a testament to it’s grisly reputation.

He himself has a reputation as not only an excellent pilot, but also an incredibly trustworthy second in command and excellent crew manager.

Horace speaks in a rough, marble-mouthed, deep Southern United States accent.


Horace remains tight-lipped about his childhood, revealing only that he was born in Charleston, South Carolina and that he was taken prisoner by Stanislaus Gravelhauser when he was only 15 years old.

Horace Robert Eaglestone, Jr.

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