Jack Leslie Harrington


Very little is known about Jack Harrington’s early life, save for that he was born in Northampton sometime in the early 1800’s. He has confided that he was an orphan, raised in London’s notorious Hellstove School for Wayward Boys. That is, until he escaped at the age of 8 or 9.


During this time, Jack worked as a pickpocket and errand boy for the reviled underworld boss Trout Filcher. Jack came upon a good con early on, running Odds/Evens Dice in an alley outside of a preparatory academy. taking the money from rich kids was a lucrative racket, but Jack sucked the place dry and had to move on.


From age 11 until age 14, Jack worked a series of odd jobs, after he refused to pay his kickback to Filcher. He was a newsboy and a printer’s asisstant, fishmonger and bootblack. Sadly, this could not last, and at the age of 15 Jack was given an offer that he could not refuse.


At 15, Jack’s old street buddy Blue Louie came to him with an offer: If he could procure the lockpicker, he and Jack could empty out the affluent Yarkeston estate while the Yarkeston’s were on vacation in Hong Kong. The lockpicker was aquired and both Jack and Blue Louie were nearly scott free…and then the law came. Turns out the lockpick decided to inform on them, so that he wouldnt have to take such a small cut.


London certainly had enough criminals. Their prisons were overflowing with both the white collar and murderer. thus, Jack was shipped out on a convict galleon to Australia, where he would spend the next five years of his life. During this time, he gained a rep as not only a charming fellow, but also as the unofficial huckster champion of Brisbane Correctional.

Jack Leslie Harrington

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